Cardboard Combat is a paper craft table-top war game, with the aim to be simple to build and play. Players command squadrons of easy to build playing pieces including infantry and armour and challenge for strategic positions against their opponent!

 Alpha Units  - Red Team and Blue Team


In an effort to combine my interest for game mechanics and war gaming with my love of paper craft, I wanted to create a table-top war game that didn't require tons of model-making skill and the expense that can come with certain table-top war gaming systems. I also wanted a game system that is simple, with rules basic enough to allow any player to focus on tactical decisions rather than overcoming tons of complicated game play.

In Cardboard Combat, each player takes command of an army, consisting of a selection of Infantry, Armour and Artillery squadrons, each made up of between 2 - 5 units. With these squadrons, the player must attempt to take and hold strategic positions placed around the battlefield, destroy the enemy squadrons and command base or defend their own command base against the enemy.

For the command base, the player also take charge of a number of bunkers with defending positions. Ruins and other battlefield terrain is also included to populate the table-top warzone.

The unit counter design and basic game play is complete. The project is currently in game play testing phase and illustration phase.